Evoked by the pristine vision of Chris Thompson, bringing creative, refined and unique custom-made joinery designs to your life! Keep in mind that joinery is so much more then what can fit into the below categories. If you have something else in mind, call Chris today to discuss.


The Kitchen is the heart of any home and the design of a kitchen is as personal as the individual- whether you’re after a Country Style kitchen, Traditional Hamptons Style kitchen or a Ultra-Modern Kitchen, with all the latest features Evoke Joinery is here to help!

Laundry Joinery

The Laundry is an essential part to any orgainsed home and what better way to organize the laundry than with custom made cabinets to suit your lifestyle!


Storage Cabinets are an essential component to any house. The more personally designed the cabinets are, the better use of space you will have in your home!

Bathroom Joinery

Custom-made vanities bring to your home so much more then what a standard pre made vanity can. They are made to suit your exact requirements and sizes and storage preferences of your new bathroom renovation projects!


From the basic sliding door wardrobe to the full walk-in robes for a master bedroom, wardrobes are a crucial part to everyone’s living situation!


With the way the Coronavirus has affected everyone’s working arrangements, now more than ever, the importance of a home office is evident. Get your custom-made home office today!

Guaranteed to Evoke all your future memories in your new custom space

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